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Our Services

Pilates Group classes - we run regular group Pilates classes in Nottingham & Derby at different venues so there’s always a class near you.
Pain & Injury Clinic – Do you have pain that no Therapist has been able to resolve? Book an appointment with Nolan at our home clinic in Long Eaton and prepare to be amazed.

Meet the Team

With decades of experience behind them,
you're lucky to be in the hands of our two instructors.


Pilates Instructor & Sports Massage Therapist
  • Nolan has a long history of athletics and sports, ranging from training for Olympics to becoming an International referee for FIFA and lead fitness coach for FIFA. Nolan is now a very successful level 4 therapist and has trained with leading edge instructors to help clients fully understand and permanently correct cause of pain. Unlike any other conventional therapy, you may have tried before, Nolan will identify your common and intricate movement patterns in order to identify the true causes of pain and restrictive movement, and through a series of exercises and methods you will learn to correct movement and rid yourself of pain long term.


Pilates Instructor
  • Jade was a competitive long-distance runner and horse rider. Through a series of accidents and injuries she gave it up to study psychology and became a school psychologist for overseas government schools. Continuing to be plagued by reoccurring injuries and pain and finally became unable to walk for almost 9 months. Through therapy with her now husband and Pilates, she was able to regain mobility and pain free movement.

    Jade was so blown away by her recovery that she wanted to teach Pilates to others so that she could help them the way she had been. This led to Jade packing up her psychology career and moved back to England to set up Stretch Fit Pilates & Therapy Ltd with her husband Nolan, between the two of them they are a winning team and have helped many people become mobile and active again.
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