In light of the Covid–19 epidemic, we are continuing most of our services online.

One to One Sessions

If you need a little more specific attention,
we are here to help.


If strengthening core muscles was the solution to back pain then most people would be fixed. Strengthening core is not the solution but is wrongly sold as being so. With us Core BALANCE, alignment and correct weight distribution is the ONLY starting point for identifying and curing muscle related back pain, hip pain, knee pain, gluteal or sciatic pain, shoulder or neck pain. Think about this … if an imbalance in the musculoskeletal frame exists (which is often the case with back pain) then strengthening the core on top of that imbalance is only going to strengthen the imbalance. Also, simply strengthening the core muscles will not in any way help you learn to evenly distribute your body weight to create balance from the foot up.

Sport Massage Therapy Foot
This is why we have developed an approach of addressing the foundation & structural alignment first. We then help you regain balanced mobility from the foot up … only then do we help you to strengthen your functional movements using whole body, organic movements. All of this can be identified and begun to be addressed in one session.
If you are suffering from long term or short-term back problems, hip discomfort, knee problems, shoulder or neck pain, and physiotherapy or other back pain treatments have not worked, then come and see us. We have a proven track record of succeeding where Physiotherapists and other back pain specialists have been unable to and we can help you permanently. No more regular (and expensive) treatments to get ‘’your back tweaked’’ only to be back on the physiotherapist couch again 2 or 3 weeks later, year after year.


Pilates Reformer is an exercise machine used to incorporate the Pilates exercise technique for a challenging and intense workout. Springs, leverage and body weight are used as resistance while performing movements targeting specific muscle groups. Workouts consist of controlled, flowing movements working your muscles through a full range of motion. The reformer adds increased resistance to the movement. Pilates reformer work is great for rehabilitation, increased muscular endurance, core balance and strength, better flexibility and weight loss
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