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Pain & Injury Clinic

If you need a little more specific attention,
we are here to help.


Would you like to know exactly how your movement patterns are causing you pain? Would you like to be able to correct this without dozens of expensive trips to a physiotherapist or conventional therapist? The truth is, many therapists want you coming back again and again and rarely offer accurate diagnosis or treatment.

Nolan’s Pain & Injury Clinic is a new way of looking at the relationship between pain and the way your body moves. From the foot up Nolan will identify the underlying cause of your pain and treat quickly in far less treatments than you ever needed before.

When there is restriction or imbalance this will result in one or more joints becoming stiff, painful and unable to move properly. When this happens the foot or hip joint may have to compensate; this in turn can affect the spine, shoulders, etc or even the opposite leg as. When movement is lost, it can cause other structures to work harder than they normally would, this in turns creates more pain.
Sport Massage Therapy Foot
We adjust to pain by changing the way we move and eventually these compensatory habits become the new norm; your body can maintain this so-called norm for years; this not only preserves the original problem but often causes new ones too. If movement imbalance and restrictions show up in your walking gait, it will almost definitely show up in all your activities whether that is sports, hobbies or day to day movement.

It is re-occurrence of same spot pain or discomfort that frequently cause all the trouble and will re-occur time and time again. You may feel temporarily better following a conventional treatment only for the pain to come back a few days later. This is because the site of pain is rarely where the problem originates from and if we continue to concentrate treatment on just that spot, we not only waste time and money but rarely see any long-term results.
In Nolan’s clinic he will help you regain movement, and help to repattern movement throughout all the potential ranges of motion without restriction and with correct function and balance. When this method is applied then pain is massively reduced or eliminated altogether.
Both Nolan and Jade have tried many other therapies and treatments over the years both as clients and therapists. But have never experienced changes in movement and improvement in pain than what they now see daily with this approach and technique.
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