Sports Massage Treatment

We're here to help you recovery from injury.


An initial assessment will first take place to identify musculoskeletal imbalances and work on re-educating to neuro pathways between brain, muscle recruitment patterns and foot placement. Without this assessment any form of physio therapy or sports massage will simply be a temporary relief of symptoms. After this correction and rebalance of the musculoskeletal system, then massage is used to help relieve and release the soft tissue that has been strained or over used. This approach is far more beneficial to help recover over loaded muscle, tendon or ligament.


Our Sports massage is designed to assist recovery of the soft tissue ONLY after we have corrected problems and imbalances caused from injury, repetitive or strenuous physical activity. Assessment and treatments are based in Long Eaton, Nottingham. Get in touch now for more information and to book your treatment.


Pilates Instructor & Sports Massage Therapist
Nolan has a long history of athletics and sports, ranging from training for Olympics and international competition to be being an International FIFA referee and lead fitness coach for FIFA. Naturally, as a result he has seen a catalogue of injuries and closely studied movement patterns. He has learned to understand how balance and alignment directly affect back, hip, neck or knee pain and more importantly how to very quickly correct them.
He has trained and learned from some of the best specialists in the world and brings all of his knowledge to help people with pain and discomfort to identify causes and correct them simply and efficiently to bring back free movement again. He incorporates all of this into his work! His one to one sessions are unique and are frequently able to identify causes of back pain and rectify the cause often in just one session!
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